Owner: Bradley Michaels

I started building furniture and working with wood in the 1990s  while serving as an apprentice for a furniture maker in Vermont.  I continued on to work part time in the trade while earning a BS in Mechanical Engineering, and later an MS in Engineering management.  I spent much of my professional career in the bio medical and semi conductor industries as a service engineer and project manager. All the while having   projects going on in my home shops. In 2016 I started Ironwood Cabinets and changed my passion and hobby into a full time business. 


Workshop Location: Melrose, Massachusetts

Ironwood is a small business located in Melrose Massachusetts. Most of my customers' are in Melrose and surrounding towns.  Ironwood  does not have a retail location. I work as a typical home improvement contractor and travel to my customers' homes or meet with them in a conference room at Eastern Bank on Main Street in Melrose. All furniture and cabinetry projects are designed and built in my office and shop. Installations and deliveries are completed quickly and efficiently at customers' homes.


Quality and Customer Satisfaction

The most important features of my business are quality and customer satisfaction.  Quality comes from understanding principles of design, following through with execution of building, while paying close attention to detail.  Customer satisfaction comes from listening to my customers' and producing what they need and want.